Book 2 - Chapter 1 - Fires

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Book 2 - Chapter 1 - Fires

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Condensed Rule recap, game continues in the next post.

Experience translates directly into character points. As this chapter opens all the pc's have 401 character points, with at least 391 of that spent. If we recruit new players they'll go through the same three stages of development as the veteran characters, 100pts without power Abilities (limits in 'Rule Thread 02 -Character Creation'), 50 more points with power Abilities (limits in 'Rule Thread 02 -Character Creation'), and bumped to match whatever xp has been given out since. Each chapter will have new limits, xp will be given out at chapters end, the same to each pc.
My intent is to give 1xp per page with 'good' roleplaying, and 1xp per page with combat. Starting from chapter 2 a point of bonus xp comes from each player that decided to make a journal entry recapping the chapter. I may adjust those choices later.

Current Limits.
Traits have no limit. Costing totals of 2pts for 1, 6pts for 2, 12pts for 3, 20pts for 4, 30pts for 5, etc. So they costs twice the target level to raise.
Skills, and degree skill sets with no maximum.
Skill levels cost 1 each to level 5
Skills need to be Edge tagged to go above 5 (the Edge tag costs 5)
Skill levels cost 2 each to level 10
Skills need to be Edge Reroll tagged to go above 10 (the Edge Reroll tag costs 10)
Skill levels cost 4 each to level 15
Skills need to be Two Die Reroll tagged to go above 15 (the Two Die Reroll tag costs 15)
Skill levels cost 8 each to level 20

At creation characters get 3 free edge tags.
Abilities have various cap points, with the most powerful capping at 5.
'Degree' skills require Edge to take, so the first point effectively costs 6.
One Ability has Growth, making that Ability usable at +1 level. Growth is only allowed on Abilities with a 5th level cap. Growth cannot raise an Ability over 5. As of Book 2 there is a second Growth point, which can be applied to the same or another key Ability with the same 5th tier cap.

Edge is used to roll extra d10's, on skills, Death Saves, and anything else 'mastered' to be Edge capable.
Two points of Edge can be spent on an untagged Skill check for one extra d10.
Multiple points of edge can be spent on tagged Skill checks for an equal number of extra d10's.
Edge is recovered by rolling 11 or 12 on an Edge capable d12 check, or fully during select story points.
Some abilities can enable Edge for other checks, or potentially allow other permutations.
Reasonably good journal entries allow a free edge refill, this may get altered down later if overpowered.
Chapter 11 change: The free edge refill for journal entries only applies for a journal entry recapping the previous chapter.

Action points.
Characters are limited in how much they can do in a turn. Here are some common action costs.
Pistol >4 action points
duel pistol >6 action points
Rifle >5 action points
Knife >4 action points
2 knives >6 action points
Axe >5 action points
Spell/Power >6 action points
Recovery ability >4 action points
Combat Dodge >1 reserved action point
2m movement >1 action point
5m movement >2 action points
Drawing a weapon >(weapons use cost -1)

Here are some common combat actions, plus a few pc specifics.

Pistols/revolvers: >4 action points d6 damage, 1 death save
duel Pistols/revolvers: >6 action points d6 damage twice, 1 death save twice
Shotguns/Rifles: >5 action points 2d6 damage, 2 death saves
gun modifiers=
Hollow Point: Extra death save
Armour Piercing: ignore 1 save reduction, and 1 level of dr

Strike: 4 action points, d6 damage, 1 save.
Dual strike: 6 action points, d6 damage twice, 1 save twice.
Slam strike: 6 action points, 2d6 damage, 2 saves.
Grapple: 5 action points, effects vary.

Knife/sap/club/etc >4 action points d6 damage, 1 save
2 knives/saps/clubs/etc >6 action points d6 damage twice, 1 save twice
Axe/sword/etc >5 action points 2d6 damage, 2 saves

Succeeding by six adds an extra save to the attack, and may bypass partial armour.

The 50cal Magnum Revolver from the prelude and chapter 1: 2 death saves, 2d6 damage, 6 action points
-use requires either Str3+ or a dc6 Trauma save, failure does d4 damage and knocks the shooter on their ass (after the shot)

The trank guns from chapter 1: 2 resilience saves, d6 ignored damage (only rolled for armour), 4 action points.

The single shot trank rifle used by some characters: 3 Resilience saves, 2d6 ignored damage (only rolled for armour), 5 action points to shoot, 5 action to reload. Weapon's quality gives +1 skill, which for appropriate specialists also makes it 4 action to fire or reload.

Shiro's knife because of extreme specialisation takes only 3 actions.

Saving throws.
If an attack or ability requires a single derived stat check, the dc is usually six.
If there are multiple checks the dc goes up by three with each check. (eg 3 saves would be dc6, dc9, and dc12).
The above rule modifies if an effect has multiple check types (eg Death and Trauma), The primary save follows the 6, 9, +3 pattern, but the secondary save starts where the first dc stopped.
Edge can be used on Death saves and potentially other Ability enabled derived stats.
Because Death Saves happen outside the players turn I recommend giving advanced instructions if you want edge used. (for example: "Always use an edge point if I'm making a Death Save over dc9.")
If Edge is generated by a Death Save, it must be used by the end of the characters next turn.

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