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Re: temp chat thread

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2020 5:24 pm
by Lazarus
Thanks my friend, I'll make sure your email's backed up.

There is a good chance I'll run another game, although probably my time won't free up significantly for a year or two (when Rose ages into a little independence). Most likely reverting back to D&D fantasy, if I came up with a decent background plot to feed off.

Much as I like the Edge system there are three reasons I'd set it aside. One is that I don't see it working well for fantasy, and I think I'm more creative in fantasy. Secondly I think running a custom system is part of why finding players was such a chore. Thirdly there are so many resources and venues readily open for D&D.

At the moment I'm hoping to spend some time as a player. In theory I'll have a local group running on one of my days off, but so far Covid and their own lives keep batting that away. I'm not in bupkiss nowhere anymore, but the city I'm in is light on roleplayers.

Re: temp chat thread

Posted: Thu Jun 04, 2020 7:31 pm
by Xhosant
I just discovered Warhorn (a site) for finding games online, if that helps!

I read up on Lancer, a system/setting about mechs, which is quite fun. I'm also hearing great things for pf2, so the next system I read will be that (or wod, or shadowrun, if I can make sense of that last one).

Re: temp chat thread

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 8:07 pm
by Lazarus
Things have got a bit easier. Natzlin's off of nights, and actually working in a different department of my workplace. Helios is still dead, at this point it's too stale for me to pick back up.

I'm considering working on another campaign. Set in the same fantasy world as the 4 year D&D 3.5 campaign I ran on another forum. Fantasy is easier to run. Wouldn't rush into it though as my online records for that game are gone, and at this point I'm not actually sure if I'd run 3.5 ed, 5th ed, Pathfinder, or Pathfinder 2nd ed. Also not sure if I'd run on forum or if I can get a live group. I know there are some players local, but not a lot.

As to Helios I did say I'd reveal some of the story beats I had in mind for book 2.

-Frankenstein alive.
My source material Dean Koontz's Frankenstein novels ran two story arcs. The first followed the fall of Helios/Frankenstein in New Orleans, killed by his own New Race creations in a garbage dump. The second arc picked up a few years later with his clone starting a takeover plan with a new kind of replicant, and nanotech people he called Builders. This new Victor had a more nihilist personality and called himself Victor Immaculate, or Victor Leben. He'd been awake in the cloning tank, receiving periodic memory dumps from the original, and the confinement had twisted his mind. Deucalion killed the Victor clone, Deucalion being Frankenstein's original monster, and a contributor to the first Victor's fall.
In our version of events Victor had more than one cloning tank. I hinted at them multiple times in the story, most notably when you found an unused cloning tank in one of Victor's escape rooms, and when one of your allies shared a vision of Victor sealing off a room. After Victor sealed that mystery room he was notable less concerned for his own safety.
Our version of Victor actually had three clones. His original New Orleans clone, essentially forgotten by Victor. This purely human clone may have died where he woke unless the players prompted an investigation of his New Orleans mansion before he could starve to death. The second clone was at Victor's Detroit mansion. Clone 2 was made with New Race flesh and would have busted loose, probably killing police on his way out. The third and newest clone was posthuman like you, possessing the regenerative and telekinetic alterations Victor Helios had gained. Clone 3 wasn't semi dormant in a tank, but would print fresh using the experimental bioprinter technology. So depending what if any involvement the players had in investigating the remains of Helios' assets you'd have 1-3 separate Victor's loose, each with different influences on their personalities and capabilities.

In the books Victor's original monster received word of his makers new life as Victor Helios. He travelled from I think Tibet to New Orleans, allied with two detectives, and helped them investigate the New Race. He couldn't face the original directly, but could and did kill Victor's clone.
In our version Deucalion does exist but never became aware of Helios. Without his influence the detectives had some success, but one died, and the other went to ground as the hacker you know as Mr Safety. Victor never faced his rogue creations at the garbage dump, instead directing a New Race pilot to drop a stolen bunker buster bomb on the dump. Now however Victor's infamy can't possibly go unnoticed by Deucalion, so he would have attempted to contact our heroes at some point.

-Communitarians and Builders.
In Koontz's 4th and 5th novel the New Race were no longer a threat. In their place were new creations, both deeply flawed. The Communitarians were much less physically powerful than the New Race, and more like robots in their mindset. You've faced some early versions of the Builders, so you know how dangerous those are.

Numerous escaped prisoners and mental patients. The most immediate being the ones at Leben Prison. This would have included an encounter with Shiro's old mentor.

-Rift's between worlds.
When Simon pulled the 'Elves' through under torture, he wasn't gentle with the fabric of reality. The Elves already on earth would be an ongoing menace. More Elves and other creatures would come through.

The lightning that gave Victor's creatures life has sunk into the earth, but it still exists. A foreign energy being with more will and sentience than anyone has realised.

Re: temp chat thread

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 8:17 pm
by Xhosant
Sounds like it'd have been a wild ride!

We've got a discord where we test some of those systems and more besides! Lancer is great for a space mech game, and the Fragged series are quite neat (Fragged Aeternum in particular, for that lovely bloodborne style). For something particularly special (but tough to run online for the time being), I'd recommend Phoenix: Dawn Command. You come for the card-based gameplay, you stay for the fully-fleshed, fully-intergrated inner layer of lore.

I'd be down for anything, though partial to FA myself.