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Helios Who's Who 2016

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The Heroes

These are the player characters and their companions, each of which has a second name after seeking secure alias'.

Shiro Yusa aka Yasu Hayate Petit (Played by Xhosant)
Sarah McGee aka Jaclyn Jacquetta MacEachthighearna (played by Natzlin)
Rose Tanner aka Rachael McKenzie (played by GGWOW)
Stefan Adelsson aka Józef Lutz Kaspar (formerly played by Zudguard, now an NPC)
Brent Harris aka Winston Lamont Slater (NPC)

Prelude Characters

These four characters were featured in an introductory prelude, and later encountered briefly by the player characters in the opening chapter. All are deceased, and their names are unknown to the player characters.

Mojo the Clown

PC prelude characters

These are characters of possible note referenced in the player characters back stories.

Benny & Cindi. A couple with new Orleans accents that initiated Rose's abduction.

Jordan Crenshaw aka Jack Ó Cochláin. Shiro's former partner and boss, imprisoned on false terrorism charges after the events which led to Shiro's captivity. He recognised the name Helios with unrestrained terror.

Renoir Saviah. Shiro's other colleague, died during the events where Shiro was captured.

Cartwright-Steiner Pharmaceuticals. the company Shiro was investigating when he was captured, which was found to be a shell subsidiary of Helios Industries.

Payton Talbot. a manager at Cartwright-Steiner Pharmaceuticals. Some papers suggested he may have been subtly investigating his own company.

Officer Freddie Moynihan. A Boston beat cop who Sarah worked with on the day she was captured. Before betraying her into captivity, he revealed himself as a member of the New Race during a shootout.

New Race

Fake people some of which have replaced real people. Born in tanks, and educated with direct-to-brain downloads these creatures are unstable slaves to their maker. Notably stronger and more resilient than real Humans, although both traits seem variable depending which type of New Race they are. Alpha is the most powerful variety encountered, there are at least two other varieties, Gamma's, and Delta's. There most inhuman traits are having two hearts, armoured skulls, and a twisted mentality that's been a clear tell for telepaths.

Timothy. A janitor found chewing his own fingers off in a stairwell of the lab where the PCs were initially imprisoned. Fought and defeated by the PCs. Later died when the place self destructed.

Officer Conner Smith. Initially identified because he was one of the officers who escorted Brent down to the lab prison where he met the pc's. Later he captured by the pc's during a raid on his apartment building, which turned out to be entirely occupied by New Race. That Conner Smith is in stasis in Provider custody, and another Conner Smith is back at work. Conner's police partner is also New Race. The way he was dressed when captured, and a map found on him suggests he was leaving to hunt Slender.

Willard Stiles. The manager of the apartment block where the pc's fought Conner. Willard turned out to be a New Race Alpha, and the most dangerous of the New Race the pc's have fought. (deceased)

Motorcycle riders. Two unidentified riders badly injured Stefan with an RPG, apparently in a separate attempt to kill Slender. There were evaded.

The Detroit Slasher. Initially discovered by Rose this man was drinking, his mind close to breaking into full psychosis. He was tracked to a park where he liased with Octavia Tipton. He was later tracked to a fire station where he apparently works, and after to an increasing series of mass killings. So far Rose is the only pc who's seen his face, and he remains unnamed.

Octavia Tipton. A Detroit therapist who's known to have used her position to push a patient to suicide. After Shiro attempted to discredit her, and out her misconduct she was terminated by her creator. Her body was swapped to a waste disposal truck, and apparently another body was delivered for a suspicion free autopsy. (deceased)

FBI agent Graham. Partner to Detective Fitch's FBI friend, revealed by Rose this New Race man seems more stable than most.

Waiting room man. This man was outed as New Race by Rose. He was waiting in a room outside Octavia's office, called the ambulance when she collapsed, and was whisked away in a waiting van afterwards.

Paramedics. The ambulance men who arrived in response to Octavia's 'heart attack', and later delivered her to be swapped to a waste disposal truck. When they discovered Sarah tracking them one of them pursued and shot at the cab she was in injuring the driver.

Buster Dawkins. A mole spying amongst Salvatore's security staff. He was outed by Rose during a dinner meeting, captured, and ultimately killed. (deceased)


Not everything made by the adversary has been as straight forward as the New Race. Other creations were kept in the laboratory the pc's escaped from, some of which escaped after them.

The Builder. A beautiful woman who dissolved into a destructive flow of nanotech. Ultimately killing and devouring the four other prisoners as the pc's fled the prison room.

Slender. Witnessed escaping after them, later hunted down, captured, and turned over to the Providers for study. This creature had the appearance of a tall extremely thin man with distended limbs, jet black from head to toe.

The Pack. A group of dog-like animals that escaped when the pc's did. Still at large.

Chameleons. Several other escapees caused chaos around the destroyed building, including gutting David's patrol partner Clyde. These creatures were low to the ground and camouflaged, they seem to have died on their own or been disposed of by New Race agents.

Police officers

These are the known opponents of the New Race other than the Providers. Initially alerted to the creatures in their midst when a coworker changed. They've been quietly working with the Providers, trying to learn more without making targets of themselves. More recently they've provided a safehouse for the players, and traded intelligence.

Officer David Robinson
Detective Damon Washington
Detective Ariana Sanchez
Detective Louis Fitch


Alien visitors that have openly arrived on Earth with benevolent intentions. Most noted for aiding in a significant jump forward in medical technology. Many cities have Provider Clinic's which double as both embassies and medical centres. Unknown to the public they've become aware of the New Race, and regard them as a potential extinction threat for Earth's Human population. A large and varied batch of Human enhancement technology has been stolen from them known as the Enrichment Archive, which led to the PC's being modified. Their largest contribution in the secret war has been providing resurrection level medical tech to both the PC's and the worlds police.

Listed alias' are nicknames given by their Human staff.

Provider 25859G aka Mr Gee. as resident diplomat for Detroit's Provider Centre, he was the first and main Provider the PC's have dealt with.

Provider 22744 aka Doctor Straight. A doctor skilled with advanced medical technology. Noted for communicating almost exclusively with affectless telepathy.

Provider 26724 aka Doctor Young. a Provider that explained Snapshot to the pc's and set them up with full scans, and monitoring nanites.

Snapshot Technology. Not a character, this is the method used to be able to rapidly heal injured characters, and if necessary completely restore them from a saved copy.

Provider 24582B aka Doctor Bruce.

Provider 19040 aka Doctor Oldlady.

Provider 24739. The head diplomat of the Earth mission.


Victor Helios. Identified by Salvatore as the voice that issued the kill command to Octavia, and also the voice of The Creed.

Erika Helios

Leben Maximum

Helios Industries


Annunciata. An online persona, and regular adversary of both Shiro and MrSafety. Highly skilled with computers, it's unclear if this is a person, one of the New Race, or something else. Has an an apparent obsessive effection for Shiro. When terminating Octavia, her maker mentioned "One of my Annunciata" suggesting the name belongs to more than one.

The Creed.

Salvatore and company

Salvatore is a semi-retired fixer with a history of mob association. Via connections made by Detective Fitch the PC's approached Salvatore to buy clean identities.

Reno Salvatore. The boss
Andrew. A guard
Monica. A staff member with medical skills.
Georg. Salvatore's right hand man. Head of staff, both domestic, and security.
Ambrose. A guard.
Oliver. A guard.
Ramona. A staff member with skill in binding.

Tim Watson. The identity broker Salvatore ultimately sets the pc's up with.

Other Characters

MrSafety aka MrClean. Secretive internet hacker, and New Orleans truther.

Detective Carson O’Connor. New Orleans homicide cop (deceased)

The Surgeon aka Roy Pribeaux and detective John Harker. (both deceased)

Bucky Guitreau. New Orleans district attorney (deceased or missing)
Janet Guitreau. Wife of DA Bucky Guitreau (deceased or missing)
The Duke of Orleans. The Dog of Bucky and Janet Guitreau. A handsome German shepherd. The Duke was a New Orleans icon having saved two small girls from a house fire (deceased or missing)

FBI agent Jess Harkins. A contact and friend of Detective Fitch. He enlists her and her partner to help secure a visit to Leben Maximum.

Pooch. A criminal informant used by Detective Fitch. Recognised as a security risk by Salvatore.

Violent Crime Task Force. An outside agency taking over many Detroit criminal cases, with the apparent focus of covering up New Race activity.

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