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Re: temp chat thread

Post by Lazarus » Thu Jun 04, 2020 5:24 pm

Thanks my friend, I'll make sure your email's backed up.

There is a good chance I'll run another game, although probably my time won't free up significantly for a year or two (when Rose ages into a little independence). Most likely reverting back to D&D fantasy, if I came up with a decent background plot to feed off.

Much as I like the Edge system there are three reasons I'd set it aside. One is that I don't see it working well for fantasy, and I think I'm more creative in fantasy. Secondly I think running a custom system is part of why finding players was such a chore. Thirdly there are so many resources and venues readily open for D&D.

At the moment I'm hoping to spend some time as a player. In theory I'll have a local group running on one of my days off, but so far Covid and their own lives keep batting that away. I'm not in bupkiss nowhere anymore, but the city I'm in is light on roleplayers.

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Re: temp chat thread

Post by Xhosant » Thu Jun 04, 2020 7:31 pm

I just discovered Warhorn (a site) for finding games online, if that helps!

I read up on Lancer, a system/setting about mechs, which is quite fun. I'm also hearing great things for pf2, so the next system I read will be that (or wod, or shadowrun, if I can make sense of that last one).

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