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Book 2 - Chapter 0 - Lore

Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 10:13 am
by Lazarus
Book 2 proper begins in 'Chapter 1'. 'Chapter 0' will run concurrent with all of book 2. Most of 'Chapter 0' will be excerpts from interviews and media commentary. Events in 'Chapter 0' will not follow a chronological order, but where appropriate will include date stamps. 'Chapter 0' will also be used to answer any questions about the differences between the Helios game world and reality. I won't stick strictly to character knowledge, but will avoid any information that could spoil the plot.

Feel free to post questions, although your posts may be edited or deleted to keep a tidy thread.

Post 2 will be reserved for a list of event dates in the Helios timeline.

Re: Book 2 - Chapter 0 - Lore

Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 10:13 am
by Lazarus
Timeline of events distinct to the Helios universe.

~At an undefined time more than 200 years ago an exotic life energy resembling electricity entered Earth's biosphere.

~Around 200 years ago. Victor Frankenstein utilised exotic energy harnessed from lightning to animate his first creation. This creation killed his fiancée, and was presumed dead after a battle in the Arctic. Victor survived, and related a version of his story to the ship captain who rescued him. Eventually Mary Shelley used this story as the basis of her fiction Frankenstein. Victor harnessed the exotic power again to extend his lifespan. He continued developing his science for the next two centuries, often in the employ of dictators.

~At some point in the 1980's Victor moved his operation to New Orleans. He established himself as Victor Helios, the son of a fictitious New England family. He went on to rise as a supposed 'dot com billionaire', and established a successful pharmaceutical company. To the public he was a celebrated philanthropist. In secret he began work on his plan of the Million Year Reich, an empire of New Race clones that would eliminate mankind and spread to the stars. The New Race were developed to be physically superior to mankind possessing two hearts, enhanced strength, armoured skulls, enhanced metabolisms, and many other 'improvements'. He created a partner for himself Erica Helios, publicly his wife, but privately little more than a target for his anger and sexual perversions.

~By 2009 Victor's creations numbered in the thousands, and had been inserted into various places of power mostly in New Orleans. Construction of a facility that would mass produce New Race was well under way. Unknown to Victor some of his New Race were malfunctioning, especially the ones that had suffered existing the longest.
One of them Jonathan Harker was a police officer behaving as a serial killer in his spare time. Harker began to physically break down, spawning an offspring free from the New Race programming. This offspring, a dwarf going by the name Jocko was captured and dissected by Victor.
Another called Werner, the security chief at Victor's main lab the 'Hands of Mercy' went through a more severe genetic meltdown becoming the Werner Thing. Degeneration in Victor's bio-computer secretary Annunciata allowed the Werner Thing to escape confinement, devouring many of the staff at Hands of Mercy. Victor triggered Dresden protocols, reducing the entire facility to molten slag. The fire spread to engulf multiple city blocks.
Victor had disposed of a disappointing wife 'Erica 5' at a privately owned dump where all his failed creations, and people his empire had murdered and replaced ended up. She contacted him by phone, and failed to die when he issued a destruct command. Sensing a trap Victor opted to destroy the dump entirely along with the neighbouring cloning farm. For this purpose he used one of his New Race secreted in the military, this creature stole a bomber carrying bunker buster bombs, and obliterated the site.
Victor Concluded that a flaw in the creation tanks had created critical errors in the New Race. He quietly purged almost the entire New Race operation and shifted to Detroit to start over.

~2010 Victors pharmaceutical empire began expanding and re-branding as Helios Industries. He opted to move out of the public eye, erasing as much of the public records of Victor Helios as possible. When he did make public appearances he began going in disguise, wearing an older guise to fit with the age of the Helios identity. The New Race underwent a redesign closer to human than the New Orleans model, and with more physical difference between the 5 main castes.

~In August of 2016 an alien race calling themselves Providers made first contact and established various diplomatic missions on Earth. Victor delayed his plans for empire as he studied this new threat to his ambitions. Technological gifts from the Providers cause leaps in medical technology, and less significant jumps in other fields.

~June 2 2018. Groups of New Race stage simultaneous attacks on various Provider embassies. The attacks provide Victor with a vast database of bio-modding technology, and information he's utilise in advancing nanotech research projects. Victor gains limited use of the database, but finds that the mods will not work on the New Race. He begins experimenting on Human beings as they are compatible with much of the bio-mods. The intent being to reverse engineer so that other techniques can be used to splice the technology as New Race enhancements. The resources at Victor's disposal are focused into creating or acquiring prisons, psychiatric facilities, and other sources of captive victims. There is also more effort to keep humans that are replaced or eliminated in the New Race seeding alive for experimentation.

~June 2020 (before June 12, but I don't have the exact date handy right now) a group of Victor's experimental victims escape from one of his Detroit labs. The escapees are Shiro, Rose, Sarah, Stefan, and Brent. Their escape is followed by the escape of several types of created creatures, and the volcanic Dresden meltdown of the mostly underground lab.

Re: Book 2 - Chapter 0 - Lore

Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 3:54 am
by Lazarus
Political disclaimer.

I try to avoid topical subjects here unless they arise naturally during the game narrative. I haven't to my knowledge ever posted my personal thoughts on politics or religion, and if such is ever brought up I'll try to push it into private messages. This game isn't parody, and to a large extent mirrors the real world except where Victor or the Providers have forced changes.

So with that said why is Hillary Clinton president of the USA in the Helios universe instead of Trump? The initial reason is that the 2016 election wasn't done with when this game began, and from outside the US it looked like Clinton would win.

Switching the narrative would have required a small retcon. I saw instead a reason Trump wouldn't have run for president in the Helios universe, and kept with the 'Clinton as president' story in play. Some of Victor's primary targets for replacement are the rich and influential, and Trump was an obvious target. As arrogant as Victor is he doesn't think his creations are perfect mimics, so they tend to be less socially active than the people they replace. So the Helios version of Donald Trump is a New Race clone that quit The Apprentice and never ran for President in 2016. Jeb Bush won the Republican primary and lost the election against Hillary.

I've featured Hillary during the final chapter of Book 1, and will likely feature her again. I don't think I do a good job of writing her as a character, but will endeavour to keep the portrayal respectable. I'm imagining her as wrought by the disaster, but quietly also worried how that will effect her 2020 chances of being re-elected. The voice I give her in my head as I'm writing her dialogue keeps shifting to sounding like her husband Bill, if any of that makes its way into the dialogue I'm sorry.