Interludes and side stories.

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Interludes and side stories.

Post by Lazarus » Fri Jun 14, 2019 4:53 am

Brent's story.  Part 1.

Told during a group therapy session. Most participants are present in a group room in the resistance sanctuary in Detroit. A few others including Brent Harris are present through conference screens.

Set at the end of chapter 11, Brent is still residing in the Leland Hotel in downtown Detroit.

The doctor (not Doctor Young, rather a human psychiatrist helping the resistance) warmly greets the assembled group. “We have a lot of new members today. I understand many of you have suffered to be here today.” The doctor encourages the newcomers to introduce themselves if they're ready. Some of them are, and a few speak about their experiences as patients at the Walter P. Reuther Psychiatric Hospital, and their subsequent rescue.

As the meeting continues the doctor asks Brent if he has anything to share. Brent replies snidely. “How long ya got doc?” With good grace the doctor responds. “As long as you need Brent, I think there are people here that could benefit from your point of view. You can take as long as you need, if anyone needs to bow out we can pause, and record if you're comfortable with that.” Brent shows an uncharacteristic vulnerability as he says. “Yeah, ok doc, I guess there's a lot I should get off my chest. Record or whatever. So here's a tale live from the Leland..” The doctor interrupts apologetically. “Not live.” “What?” Snaps Brent, and the doctor continues. “I'm delaying your signal. You have a tendency towards vulgarity, and some might have issues..” Brent interrupts loudly. “You're censoring me! You.. ..ah.. (sigh) ..yeah I get it. Some of your patients are pretty (bzzzz) princesses, and there are some (bzzzz) details.”

After a short discussion with the doctor about signal delay, and selective editing Brent starts again. “So anyway my story, not so live from the Leland. I'm gonna start before all the (bzzzz) with Franken(bzzzz). Cause I think you need to know me a little to know how this shook down for me. See I was a lawyer, a good one.. ..I mean not good in the right or wrong sense, good in that I helped a lot of scumbags walk.

My work had a drinking culture, we drank together, we drank with clients. I probably drank too much. Then ah, I did my job, I got a (bzzzz) client off, and he (bzzzz) killed someone. It wasn't like the same (bzzzz) day or nothing, but if I hadn't got the (bzzzz) off he'd 'ave been in jail. That was my tipping point. I started drinking alone, as well as the rest of it. I kept it together for awhile but then (bzzzz) it, I quit, I walked. I mean I walked off the job, away from my apartment, away from life.

There was more, but to cut forward I ended up a bum, a drifter, and a criminal. I lived to drink, and I learned ways to get by on the streets. I know how to hotwire a car, and where to take them. There's more, but none of that (bzzzz) matters.

So I was in Detroit, I was (bzzzz), and thinking of moving on. There was a nice car I was eyeing up, hadn't touched it yet or maybe this would've gone even worse. A couple of cops spotted me. Now I don't know if they pulled me in for the drunk tank, or they were looking for someone disposable. Um, I looked (bzzzz, bzzzz) long beard, rotten teeth, a smell that would kick you in the face, and I was older than I am now. Yeah the age thing I'll get to that later. So these (bzzzz) cops picked me up and took me back to their station. They didn't even frisk me, so I hid my lock-picks on the drive.
The cops were weird (bzzzz) I won't go into how weird. If you've dealt with the 'new race' (bzzzz), and I know most of you have, well they were that weird. I didn't know that yet, but I lawyerly knew the (bzzzz, bzzzz) were skipping all kinds of due process. I got taken down a tunnel out of their station, to (bzzzz) cages! That's when I met the Irregulars. Now I don't know if Princess Shiro knew they'd be dubbed that when he said the resistance rank and file be called Regulars, but its stuck ain't it. I still don't get if I'm an Irregular, or is that our go to term for the people who got the superpowers..

Ah I'm getting off (bzzzz) topic. So the Irregulars, and my own stinky self got shoved in a cage. There was another cage next to us with another bunch that were (bzzzz) up. And to top things off the (bzzzz) were filming things. The cops (bzzzz) off, and some (bzzzz) in lab coats brought in a foxy babe. Anything I say about her would be an understatement, she was a ten, hell she was an eleven and a half. The coats left with the woman eye-balling the freaks in the other cage. Then she wasn't pretty any more, she, ah she melted to (bzzzz) and ate those poor (bzzzz). She was something called a Builder, something Frankenpuss is doing with nano(bzzzz). Apparently they're flawed as all (bzzzz), but I (bzzzz) hope he never gets his (bzzzz) together and figures that (bzzzz) out.
Now I managed to keep my head, mostly. I got my picks out of where I'd discretely placed them, and I got to work on the lock. Now maybe I saved the world that day, or maybe one of my Irregular friend would have figured another way out, I don't (bzzzz) know. But I picked that lock, and we got the (bzzzz) out of there.

We weren't 'out' out though. The others got these metal bracer things off their arms, and starting changing, getting a hint of the powers they've got now. There was fighting, we learned (bzzzz), we kicked some (bzzzz bzzzz), we ran into Rose who joined our merry band, and we set the place to blow the (bzzzz) up. I don't know if that was a good idea, we let some (bzzzz bzzzz) out, and left a (bzzzz) crater. People died that shouldn't have, but we got out, I don't think many do.
So we knew a sick (bzzzz) was replacing people, and experimenting on people. We didn't know it was Victor Helios yet, or that Helios either is or thinks he is Victor (bzzzz) Frankenstein. Yeah don't play that to anyone who hasn't dealt with some of this (bzzzz), nobody's gonna (bzzzz) believe it. I stuck with them, they found some good cops, they took a risk on the Providers. There was a little suspicion the Providers were behind this, being aliens, and all that (bzzzz). Nope, Victor (bzzzz) Frankenstein. Still didn't know that, they didn't know that, but they knew about the body swapping. The experimenting that happened to my irregular chums (bzzzz) off the Providers, it was genetic muck, and other muck that got stolen from them. I don't think they'd though anyone could figure out how to use the stuff. But well, now there's flying people, mind-readers, and (bzzzz) like Fireball Bob.

We took shelter with the Providers. We got some resources to fight back with, joined the (bzzzz) resistance. I got a free makeover, a rejuvenation, treatment for my drinking problem. I still want to drink, I want to drink every god damn day. Yeah doc I've kept clean, no drink, and nothing else that would (bzzzz) me up. I still want though, god do I ever want.

So with the dubious reassurance that we could be cloned back to life we went looking for the enemy. The New Race have two hearts, they don't feel pain, they look like us but we could find the (bzzzz). I rarely take a direct hand. I'm smart, I help get shit done, and I'm a good shot. Getting better at that too."

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Re: Interludes and side stories.

Post by Lazarus » Fri Jun 14, 2019 4:57 am

Rose's Journal.

Finally, some time alone and to gather my thoughts - I'm pretty sure they are my thoughts though I could be gathering someone else's now as well I suppose

So the story so far but without any of my previous scribbles which are now no doubt lost to me and either destroyed, being analysed by those responsible for what has happened to me (us) or a combination of both! Though what has happened since kind of goes left field in other ways to my usual thoughts and ramblings in my note books, after all in most cases when kidnapped by Mr & Mrs Normal they either turn out to be serial killers or the cannibal family from a horror movie. Mine were body snatching doubles who rather than replace me opted to experiment on me instead.

Pretty sure it was not because I was one of a kind or irreplaceable but more likely very people would know or care if I disappeared of the face of the earth and therefore a prime candidate for their warped experimentation which has left me more than human in different ways.

Either way it gets me off their track and stops me being the proverbial pain in their arse I have been since my mum's body snatching back in 2009 / 2010 and allows them to learn or gain whatever it is they are trying to achieve from these little tests of theirs.

Lucky enough at the time I came too and started thinking about escaping before they did anything more to me, so to where a punch of other guys and together we managed to free ourselves and escape our 'prison' all of us changed in some way or other (thanks mum still looking out for me with that bit of luck)

So skip forward 36 hours give or take and here we are working with the Providers and a resistance group that seems to be mostly cops who also picked up on the body swapping. We have cash, resources and of course these nifty powers now all we have to do is get our shit together and start hitting back and exposing these 'people' for who they are and what they are doing.

Trouble is at the moment we are all a little self reflective and taking stock of what was done to us and the bigger picture of the lives we have probably lost forever so people can be forgiven for not being at their best

Still our merry band needs a leader and we need to start being a bit more decisive, talking around next steps is all very good but we need to take them as well as talk about them and no I'm not rushing to put myself forward for the role but then at first glance neither is anyone else.

Shiro - he seems ok I'd say less than honest and with a possible streak of 'self first' at first glance he may be a good option though as he clearly has know how when it comes to stealth and the such like

Sarah - she's not said too much but is solid and reliable on first impressions. A cop so we have the whole PI and Cop thing as a common link / bond potentially and hopefully she gives us better standing with the Cop Resistance by just being with us

Brent - the only one of us to escape being experimented on. A washed out lawyer (I'll try not to hold his old job against him), who seems to have one or two unlawyer like skills up his sleeve. Seems to be finding his feet but not sure how he'd cope as group leader and the pressure it brings but hey a possible drinking buddy if nothing else!

Stefan - a bit of a mystery, not sure if he is the quiet type preferring action to talk, a deep thinking or just anti social and doesn't like to talk a lot! Still military so use to a chain of command too early to say if he is a leader or a follower though....

So Ms Sociable me starts the day with feeling the sudden close proximity of all these people, strangers, friends whatever they are it definitely felt like there were too many there even without the powers in my head taking stock of their presence as well! Needless to say I may have been a little short and far from helpful at the planning session for our first mission on behalf of the resistance - a life grab.

As with all things at the planning stage it all sounded so simple, the reality turned out to be far from it as we did not allow for the fact that the target's apartment was actually part of what turned out to be a safe house for body snatchers! Seeing through our ruse the apartment manager waved us in having already set off some sort of silent alarm so that when we moved in on our target he was up, dressed and armed ready for us. Surprisingly though our co-ordinated efforts took him down fairly pain free (for us) and we had him bagged and tagged.

For once my paranoia paid off and as I went to check the stairs who should be running up with a couple of alien goons but the manager who then proceeded to shot me a couple of times as I failed to get back out of the way in time. Luckily it was nothing too serious and my warning managed to alert the others in time to avoid them getting the drop on the rest of them. A messy fight then took place and while the goons went down fairly easy the manager turned out to be one tough mother fucker! Still together we managed to take him out even if we did take a few more hits in the process.

Luckily with the manager out of the picture now we had taken down the head of things at this location and as a pecking order seemed to exist including who had the brains we were able to get out relatively unharmed avoiding the bulk of the opposition and with a selection of live and dead candidates for the Protectors!

Once back at the Protectors place we were able to learn a little more about our opponents - the fact that this batch were created, hated themselves, could recognise each other by scent and had hard coding that forced them to do or not do certain things. Either way they still needed to be put down and thankfully all agreed with killing the sons of bitches......

So we are still a little adrift on not just what we should do but the reasons behind it, how best to work together and what we want to achieve. After nearly getting killed trying to catch some subjects we find ourselves hunting the creature that escaped the same time we did and this proves no easy task either. The finding and tracking was actually relatively easy the dealing with the thing was another matter and Shiro nearly paid the price for his desire to try and catch the creature alive but we managed to deal with it and avoid the body Doubles that were also out looking for it.

After all that we kind of spent time to ourselves which was fine with me as still going a little stir crazy - this having friends thing takes some getting use to - so Sarah did her thing learning to build stuff and planning out covers and the such like while Shiro played on his computers - I think he may have a cyber stalker but I'm not sure. Me I spent some time with Brent trying to hone my skills and it was quite successful - I'll try and keep it up if for no other reason than to help Brent keep his mind of the booze (as if I'm a good role model in that regard considering I have a drink in hand as I write this!)

The rest of my down time was spent trying to get a feel for the city and its people - the latter sucked big time as I obviously stuck out as a non local big time and made no progress there but did get to build my knowledge of the area and our neighbourhood pretty well. The place I ended up at for a drink was a source of interesting gossip but also a lead on another body double who lead us to a second. Here as always I seem to be on my own and everyone's (mostly Shiro) first thought was to capture them heck even save them like they are human. They don't know what it is to have these things ruin your life, to take everything you had and loved away from you and leave you alone, scared and unable to trust another human being in case it was really a body double. They have no soul, they aren't human and we have proved that so the sooner the rest realise that the only solution is to kill every last one of them the better it will be.

All that aside the copulating couple then mentioned something called the Hunt which despite being out of our league right now I just know is something we will end up going after - after we have dealt with the original two first I hope......

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